Using creative thinking to push boundaries and shape the future.

Using creative
thinking to push
boundaries and
shape the future.

Alienware Logo

Maximizing the Minimalism

We aimed to revolutionize the gaming industry by making gaming devices more relevant and forward-thinking. To achieve this, we partnered with Dell Austin Experience Design Group and developed the overall strategy and visual design language for Alienware, eventually applying it to the 55" TV and gaming headphones.
Homm Logo

Empowering Urban Mobility Lifestyles

Homm is a research and future-casting project focused on autonomous transport vehicles, with an investigation of the shift in usage from a spatial experience lens. The project aims to democratize the interior space of transport vehicles, allowing users to plan and select specific interiors, and usher in a new urban living with an interconnected relationship between humans, vehicles, and surroundings.
National Heritage Board Logo

Traditional Craft Reimagined

The National Heritage Board challenged us with reimagining traditional crafts into modern and innovative products that reflect Singapore's cultural heritage. To achieve this, we worked with a Traditional Lantern Maker to re-envision the symbolism and stories of paper lanterns. Our collaboration resulted in the creation of the Harmony Spheres Lamp, a contemporary take on traditional lanterns.
Singapore Food Agency Logo

Building Food Confidence

We collaborated with SFA to create a logo that embodies their core mission. The logo features iconic representations of a leaf and fish that have been thoughtfully redrawn while maintaining their qualities. The interlocking elements symbolize collaboration and the graphical elements combine to form a shield that conveys a sense of safety and protection.
Hegen Logo

Showcasing Nature’s Gift

Our work on the brand expression for Hegen is articulated through the simple yet premium-looking packaging. Composed of clear film with the brand elements we developed and structural caps to maintain a 3-dimensional rounded square form, the see-through packaging creates a stage for showcasing the milk bottles.
Jack & Jill Logo

Ate That Up!

Refreshed packaging for a beloved household potato chip brand! To showcase the combination of classic goodness and flavoured fun, many of the packagings are brightly coloured. Presenting images of the ingredients that represent the flavours of the chips on the packaging further enhances its appeal to the masses, and encourages the consumers to grab one to sneak a bite and satisfy their taste buds!
Steward Logo

Democratising Dining Spaces

Steward Smart Space Series is a range of smart furniture add-on system that aims to unlock spaces to bring back focus to the experience and company. We created the series to disrupt how the F&B industry uses space by leveraging normally unused areas around the dining context, unlocking the Power of Space.