San Diego based Brain Corporation approached us to design a 3D printed robot to showcase their BrainOS™ technology. The Brain Operating System is a combination of low-power, high performance smartphone processors that enables a new era of capable, low-cost autonomous robots that sense, decide and act by learning within different environments.


As part of Brain Corp business strategy, we designed the eyeRover™ to be entirely 3D printed. This allows robot fanatics to access to the robot via mainstream channels affordably and quickly. Based on a Segway-like movement platform, we designed a round integrated body to house the motoring axle and the two wheels to take hard knocks and bumps.

Based on Brain Corp’s proprietary bStem technology, the robot is able to perform real-time motor control through stereo vision and articulated eyes. We designed a protective C-shell skull frame to allow easy assembly and full proliferation active stereo vision. We calculated the optimized 3D printing hours to determine the final size and the number of assembled exterior parts. The division and segmentation of the parts were designed for colour accents to add the element of fun creativity.

The bStem API and the eyeRover™ design provides roboticists an easy-to-use, consistent interface to all the sensors and controls, with selectable timing accuracy. The project showcased Brain Corporation’s vision for robots to be intelligent and useful machines as a part of everyday life with the their first training-based operating system.


Industrial Design


Robotics, Automation, Artificial Intelligence


Industrial Design, CMF design, 3D Printing, Technical Manuual creation, Digital Visualization and Imaging