30 LifeStories, Kopitiam chair

We reinterpreted the classic cofee shop chair. As part of “SingaPlural” – the inaugural Singapore Furniture Design Week, Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) invited Nextofkin Creatives to participate in '30 Chairs LifeStories'. The iconic old "Kopitiam" chair was provided to us for our imagination and reinterpretation of this archetypical object with a new meaning or dimension. The objective was to create a conversational piece that encapsulated the spirit of Singapore.

Behavioural choice

The "Chope!" Kopitiam chair is a translation of this observation into a choice of action. With an opening on the seat and a basket-like contraption below, users can choose to "bin" these items left on the chair and occupy it without any guilt. Of course the owners of these binned items can still retrieve them from the basket if they still want to…


The “Chope!” Kopititam chair was exhibited at SingaPlural 2012. It was also selected as a feature in Surface Asia Magazine March issue.


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