Known in the audio market for their incredible sound, Creative Labs partnered with us to define the design and visual identity for their hero audio product - the Aurvana Headphone series. As their flagship products, we developed a set of unique trigonometry structure and shapes that rides on the lush comfort of over-the-ear cups and their superior audio technology. This series consists of the Aurvana Platinum, the Aurvana Gold and the Aurvana Live!2 headphones.


The Creative Aurvana Platinum headset was crafted for audio perfection. We designed this first flagship product with sound craftsmanship as our guiding principle. Refined proportions and usage of real materials lend to the sophisticated lifestyle feel. The Aurvana Gold was designed to be a studio-grade entertainment tool, rigorously detailed and tuned for the exceptional performance with restrained aesthetics. The Aurvana Live!2 was designed for unmatched comfort with an iconic looping frame around the ear-cup for the additional lifestyle touch.


Besides creating an overall visceral appeal on the Aurvana series, we paid special attention to the little details. The round footprint of the earcup exterior is reinforced by an inner friendly soft triangular volume that houseAs the Bluetooth, Noise Cancellation and NFC technology and interface designs. The rotational hinge forms an offset from this soft triangular silhouette and securely caters for the fold-flat and swivel requirements. The headband is constructed with a tubular form that is carved out for strength and finishes optimization.

The Aurvana headphone series sets the tone and precedence for Creative Labs’ range of audio headphone designs. We worked on the design strategy, industrial design, colour and materials design and the interface design of the headphones. We also created an animation to describe the design thinking and philosophy behind this range of products. The Aurvana Gold and Aurvana Live!2 are winners of the prestigious 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design.


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