We partnered with Dell to conceptualize a future vision for their epic XPS category of products. XPS is professional grade equipment. Our vision for the brand: Fueled by passion. Desire to create. Machines for maestros. We asked ourselves who are the maestros. What do they live for? We want to dive into their lives to design for them. We want the next-generation XPS to be made true for maestros, by the maestros.



Creative Explorer: “ a hotter graphics card frees up more of the system for cranking… The best computer is the one that gives you the room to do what you need, without having to worry about running out of space - hard drive, memory & screen real estate. How it looks is almost as important as how well it works.”

Tinkerer: “I’m thinking of building a computer, because I want a desktop and the experience of building it myself. I modified the environment to be more conducive for my longer hours of work”

Tech Pro: “My primary concern is system stability and it’s not going to crash on me in the middle of a gig. I need an axxload of Ram and a low latency sound card + a MATTE, not glossy display. It’s much easier to see them in the dark. With 1600 mhz and 12GBs at that, anything more is my putting sugar on honey.”

We focused on three (real-life) personas from a wide field of technology and creation, who are the maestros in their own field. The Creative Explorer, The Tinkerer and the Tech Pro. The XPS future visions revolves around these personas with the following main themes. “CRAFTED ENGINEERING”. The choice of materials & construction methods robust, precise and refined. “MODIFY” will be the central experience, tuning and setting the personal ultimate range of XPS. Access only if you know – “RED SCREW” dictates this ultimate tuning experience as the key XPS differentiator



Forged in carbon fibre, the XPS unibody laptop is crafted with precision and ultimate versatility in mind. The double pivot axis allows the input and output planes to be in any desired usage angle. Customize the hardware and the layout of the chromatic display keyboard to your unfair advantage


The robust structure is designed as a wind tunnel with an internal tubular passage that facilitates and optimizes the air-cool system. The individual internal componentry are tuned and shaped to enhance internal airflow velocity with the embedded circuitry interface. Extruded in lightweight composite alloys, the external sleeve handle absorbs all the hard knocks and assassins any sound leakage.


Full control and customization, we designed the All-In-One computer to be as robust and versatile as the desktop. Access the composite plate via the jewelled red-screw to tinker and configure. The three hundred and sixty degrees sound projection fills up the room with a endless and unlimited sweet spots for your acoustic pleasures.


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