Commissioned by EcoWater LLC to develop a unique counter top water purifier design for the China market, we took an approach to deconstruct and reduce the system to its core components and simplest form, Trilogy. It consists of the water filtration column, hot water tank and a re-engineered compact pump system to dispense water. With this trilogy idea, we adopted three main cylindrical shapes as the core form, each cylindrical shape housing the individual functions. The water filtration system was set as a removable left cylindrical cap to facilitate changing and cleaning whilst the centre and right cylindrical volume were merged together as the structure of the design. The three cylinders were angled forward to enhance the pouring pitcher idea with a sense of elevation and play.


Besides the revamp of the core assembly and filtration structure, the details, the flow and usability of the functions dictates the finesse of the final design. As part of the user interface design, the hot water selector is visually linked to the main function panel for the immediate relationship. We included a child-lock feature to prevent accidental hot water scaling of little ones. The indications for flushing and filter change are intuitive and immediately noticeable by the consumer.

We crafted every single detail down to the removable water trap contraption to give it the consistent quality touch and feel. The final results proved that the water purifier segment need a radical shift in thinking and design execution to breakthrough in a “me-too” market. The counter top is the flagship B2C consumer product for Ecowater LLC and had proven itself with the roaring sales and the number of awards accolades its received.


Industrial Design


Household appliances, Water purifier


Design strategy, Industrial design and development, User interface design, CMF design