Featherweight is a NextOfKin exploration in housewares that challenges the current weight of cast iron woks and cookware. We love cooking with cast iron cookware as the material distributes heat evenly and retains the flavours of the ingredients. We realized that this design exercise would also be a great opportunity to target the fast growing Premium Seeker and Young Entertainer group’s need. Ultimately we want our cast iron cookware to say, “take a look at me, I’m practical and beautiful!” We believe our exercise will change many old opinions and set a new market phenomena.


We began by identifying the next contemporary design trend: Artisan vs ModernCraft, contrasting crafted surfaces with artisanal construction and materials. From this visual foundation, we developed a methodology of continuous surfaces that blends the interiors and exteriors. The handles and lids were crafted in wood that joins the seamless blends in unison.

Design scalability was on top of our mind in developing the lightweight cast iron cookware. Translating the ideology onto the range of cookware completes the soul of the designs. The visual foundation of the approach aided in the ease of cleaning and maintenance as the surfaces and details were treated as a single surface.

It was rewarding to have literally cooked a new look for lightweight cast iron cookware. Such pushing of the design boundaries allows chin rubbing and esoteric design questions like: Are the cookware worthy of a permanent display. To which we reply: NextOfKin’s are. Do drop us a note at studio@nextofkincreatives.com if you believe they are worthy of permanent display and would like to work with us to develop them further.


Industrial Design


Household appliances, Kitchenware


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