China’s leading phone manufacturer Huawei approached NextOfKin Creatives to deliver design strategy and industrial design to their mainstream range of mobile phone devices. Targeted at the style followers and technology seekers of their market segment, we created the theme “Big Entertainment in Your Palm” as the overarching story for the range of elegant and classical devices.


Studying the target segment, we arrived at the main key words of uncomplicated-designs and match-your-style needs. We developed four design cornerstones to capture the spirit of the mainstream market – Modern Simplicity, Friendly Technology, Sophisticated Emotion and Curved Harmony.

The range of devices were constructed in an uncomplicated layering technique where the slimness of the technology can be perceived in a logical clear structure. We accentuated the construction principle with factory customizable options that opened up the bandwidth of target price positioning through the different materials and finishing tonalities. The final design deliverables rendered an exquisite touch to the detailing of the products and provided a nice soft appeal to the target market.

More Colors, More Choice. Keeping the display façade as a robust black plane enhanced the “edge to edge” appeal. We studied the target market to produce a selection of playful and vivid colours, the bideal way for the users to express their mood and personality. Sleek and compact, the design strategy covered the range devices from 4.0 inch to 4.9 inch display sizes.


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