We were hired to design the Lenovo’s first Smart TV controller! As part of their first Smart TV with Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating software, the TV controller needed to access the pre loaded applications and several quality games from Gameloft. We started the notion of a gestural remote control that functions as a gamepad. As a controller for playing games and surfing the TV channels, we worked on the premise that the controller would have to be operated by one and two hands at different occasions.

Keeping the overall form simple and non-directional meant that the device’s orientation was dependent on the selected function mode. The rounded ends of the device fitted comfortably when both the hands were gripping the controller for game playing mode.

Additionally, the gamepad contained a gyro sensor and accelerometer to take advantage of Wii-style gameplay. Using the controller as a gestural device meant that the thumb would be utilized more for navigation and input. The integration of the side joystick allowed the seamless provision of the thumb access without interfering with the co-existence of the gamepad controls.

The final result was a great product that fulfilled the complex usability needs of the device athat blended perfectly with the sophisticated Lenovo Smart TV.


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