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Beautiful and sophisticated digital piano with an elegant modern cabinet – Nextofkin’s premium design “lifestyle” digital piano! To an observer, it’s an object of beauty for the eyes and ears. To a pianist, it sings to the heart and soul of an artist. We wanted to capture this spirit into the G01 design, where true piano sound is portrayed in a modern, attractive body that evokes the beauty of a real acoustic grand piano - adding sophistication and musical expressiveness to your living space. It caters to those discerning customers seeking ultra-contemporary and luxurious design to compliment their modern interior style.


The G01 boasts a streamlined mini-grand shape with a classy formed wooden top cabinet. The front panel is minimally designed with a 360 degrees built-in speaker system that delivers a rich, realistic grand piano sound. Volume issues are a thing of the past; the volume of the internal sound system can be adjusted up or down to suit the environment.


The seamless rear cabinetry provides the structural acoustic volume required for the grand sound. The gorgeous Satin Black finish blends itself beautifully with any room. The monocoque cheek block allows further customization of colours and graphics. The authentic coloration of grand-piano keys can also been seen on the sides of the white keys.

A Futuristic appearance, combined with meticulous attention to detail will ensure that will make a high-impact , perhaps even controversial entry into a rather reverential and conservative marketplace.


Industrial Design, Design Thinking


Musical Instrument


Industrial design, Design Thinking, CMF design, Digital imaging