Stepping in between the boundaries of design vision, functionality and reality, the NOK.Gear was conceived as an in-house statement to what hardware tools could be. We wanted to re-imagine a product category that had long escaped aesthetic scrutiny of manufacturers. The market is filled with tools encased in a variety of over-moulded bright colours, mostly bearing the same shapes and sizes. We took the attitude of creating a fictitious line for the “Functional-Luxe tribe” with a pair of lightweight chainsaw and portable vacuum cleaner. Why should the hardware tools not have the same stature of luxury enjoyed by lifestyle products made hero by the internet of things?


The lightweight chainsaw is a juxtaposition of two adjacent rectangular frames to provide a robust structure holding the engine, the chain catcher and a separate grip handle. The interplay of simple modern forms creates a new aesthetic for tools in used in the outdoor domain.


The connection of 2 simple capsule volumes form the pivot of this portable vacuum cleaner design. Its inter-linked volume encircles the motor and conceals a motion gear that enable users to rotate the angle of the vacuum cleaner. Innovative materials coupled with the nostalgic analogue display for both battery and dust cylinder elevates a seemingly classic product into a new era of modernity and function.

We were happy with all the buzz the designs generated when it hit the blogoshpere. This was definitely an useful exercise with a lot of learnings. No doubt it will have to go through a process of validation and refinement before we will let it hit the market. More importantly it was about being game to tackle you game enough to rethink things too?


Industrial Design


Hardware tools, Camping


Design identity, Industrial design, CMF design, User Interface design