Design is a mash-up of needs and desires. Cycling and longboarding in Nextofkin Creatives have always been two separate activities, until recently…! We had two teams of designers that favoured either cycling or longboarding as an activity. We realized that this was a perfect excuse to put on our design thinking hats and exercise our creativity for some new solutions and synergies.

The main function of both products were to transport people, albeit in different fashions. We also observed that the current cargo bicycles were designed mainly for transporting bulky items or for kids firmly strapped to the seats in the cargo box. What if we could merge the bicycle and the longboard into a new category of cargo bikes that allowed adults to hop on and take a ride? We started by configuring the correct position of the additional frame and engineered the right length of the bicycle with the integrated long board to achieve a balance where both the experiences were not compromised. We studied the limitations of the current cargo bikes and defined new propositions where the cargo bikes could actually be customized to have a lifestyle appeal to it.

The Weekend-Dweller bike is a classic bike where you mount on your picnic baskets or duffle bags for the fantastic weekend in the village. The Lifestyle-Enthusiast bike converts the bicycle to a open carrier where you could transport your surfboard to the beach. The Thrill-Seeker bike dares you to freewheel down the slopes with a fellow thrill seeker carving on the rear board.

The designs we developed are currently in the refinement stage and we looking for any bicycle manufacturers who would like to collaborate with us to bring this new cargo bike to the market. Please drop us a note at


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