The CXC 700 ear-canal phones was a nice challenge on integrating micro-acoustics and comfort fit. Together with the Sennheiser team, we achieved the ideal form factor and design expression for the premium noise cancelling earphones.

Targeted at business travellers, we optimized the exterior to be discreet and non-obtrusive. The study on the various sleeping positions on an airplane seat and the ear anatomy led to the eventual silhouette. It was further tuned and integrated with the acoustics volume and structural compactness. The remote control user interface was simplified into a slider selection to choose between the different NoiseGard profiles. The design of the carry case allowed the traveller to efficiently keep the head set when disembarking from the flight.

Besides providing an accurate acoustic experience, we designed a well crafted case organizer that allows users to coil the cables neatly and quickly while storing the required ear adaptor sizes in it. The leather organizer discreetly fit the bespoke needs of the premium travellers.


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