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marine design.

Design identity for commercial vessels

Gaard Marine Design project was a creation of design identity for sea vessels with a great variety of functions and purposes. We took on the project to optimize the vessels characteristics in relation to shipping industry needs, sea conditions, as a workplace and residence and work assignments to be performed for the offshore industry.


We created three unique families of Gaard expressions and design identities. The vessels are deisgned with optimized hull form factors for low fuel consumption, the ferry/ cruise vessels are designed for pleasent voyages with an electric propulsion plant, the tugboat provides enhanced crew comfort through high standard accommodation and large storage capacity. The different vessels are also fitted with bow ramp and sliding doors for effective boarding and discharging of passengers.

The design identity was developed based on three selected vessels archetype; The 80 meters Multi-Platform Vessel (MPV) with a deck area of 1000 square meters, the 45 meters High Speed Ferry and the 18 meters Z-drive Tugboat with a brake horsepower of 5000. The initial sketches and explorations centred around the optimization of the vessels characteristics and to create an instantly recognisable marine expression from the international navigation waters.

Articulating The Vision

Design articulation of the identity concretizes with the detailing phase, which expands upon the conceptual designs with the necessary details to provide inputs and documentation to secure the design intent for the building and production engineering phase. The exterior styling, space planning, draft mechanical systems, preliminary hull design surfaces are crafted and finalized with a consideration for branding placement and manipulation.


What we did

Visual Language
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